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Website translation | multi-language web translation| vietnamese website translation to multi-languages Translation is an urgent need in a flat world, translation connect trade between economies, between countries in all areas of social life, … HACO is a bright spot in the interactive economy that helps bring the parts of the...
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    Website translation | multi-language web translation| vietnamese website translation to multi-languages

    Translation is an urgent need in a flat world, translation connect trade between economies, between countries in all areas of social life, … HACO is a bright spot in the interactive economy that helps bring the parts of the world closer together.

    Website Translation Process At Haco

    HACO provides VIDEO translation services in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian, German, Laotian, Thai, … 30 languages ​​around the world. HACO specializes in two-way language translation: : English <–> Japanese; English <–> Chinese; English <–> Korean; English <–> Russian; English <–> Thai; English <–> Lao; English <–> Russian; English <–> German,….


    1. We always follow the japanese standard translation process qualified for iso 9001-2008
    2. HACO is an well-known translation brand on the domestic and international market:
    3. Experience in translation for nearly 20 years
    4. High-speed translation, processing 100,000 words / day – on schedule whenever customers need;
    5. Experienced team of experts with professional translation team – with localization factors; combined with translation software such as trados, translation memory … saving costs, ensuring the highest translation quality.
    6. Service package, quality professional service, 24/7 dedication.
    7. Competitive price – flexible payment
    8. 100% confidentiality
    9. Modern technology
    10. HACO – multilingual translation – globalization

    Why do we have to translate websites?

    website translation helps improve the quality of enterprises’ products and services – value of enterprises’ products and services are converted into many types of foreign currencies – rather than vietnam dong.  so, do you want to spend vietnam dong or foreign currencies? it depends on the fact that your website is translated into english, japanese, chinese, korean, russian, german, etc.  or not?

    Website translation helps connect the world. HACO TRANSLATION has translated hundreds of websites, bringing customers’ websites vivid languages while ensuring the original meaning of the websites. The quick response time helps enterprises keep pace with the market’s business speed. Website translation also requires high accuracy, standard language, etc… because the content of the website after the translation is completed, the website will be posted not only by the owner’s website, but also millions of people in the world will know about the website. Thus, the website must be absolutely perfect, without a very small error. Coming to HACO TRANSLATION, you will have a website with perfect language that the whole world expects. We have reasonable prices with a professional and enthusiastic serving style.

    HACO Translation – Professional, fast and reliable website translation address.

    Let The World Know Your Enterprise

    What are the benefits that website can make for company?

    We just want to assert that: “The decision to invest and use the website as a business support tool is a completely sound decision.” You may be also surprised that the Internet and the website can bring so many benefits to your enterprise. Therefore, the source language of your website should be translated into any language in the world in which the most common language is English, followed by Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, German, Laotian, Thai, etc. if your enterprise wants to go to “Big Sea”.

    The reasons why enterprises should have a website
    1. Website is a place to collect customers’ feedbacks.
    2. Website is a place for an enterprise publicize its information.
    3. Website is a place to provide information about products, services and electronic catalogs.
    4. Website is a place to support customers.
    5. Website is a place to get orders.
    6. Website is a place for enterprise to advertise themselves.
    7. Website is a store, a showroom, an office that does not need many employees, does not take up space, and can be expanded or narrowed on demand.
    8. Website is like a “name card”

    For all the above reasons, it asserts one thing: Website translation is extremely important in the global integration period. For your website to have a correct language when being translated into a foreign language, you should cooperate with HACO TRANSLATION to have a perfect website, with the correct language so that many people and many countries in the world know about your enterprise.

    Readers and customers are two important factors to decide the second language you choose for your website, the language on the website is very concise, easy to understand, and instructive for all languages. Understanding that, we always bring satisfaction to customers and the successful rendering of languages ​​will bring tangible and intangible effects to the promotion and introduction of products and services of the enterprise.

    A website translation procedure:

    • Getting to understand the website: Structure and specialized content.
    • Volume and website content to determine the time limit for translation.
    • Partial translation: Introduction, enterprise PR, products _ require experienced translators to render sentences with the “heat” to attract customers who are interested and use services or buy products of the enterprise. This is extremely important and creates the “soul” of each website. The professional services or unique products of each enterprise must be accurate and differentiated. It helps customers understand and feel secure when deciding to use the service or buy products of the enterprise.
    • Summarize each translation, review, revision, correction of perfect sentences in the spirit of respect and honest reflection of the original text.
    • Complete the website exactly with the format of the original website. Create a translated website, without losing the fundamental idea of ​​the website owner.


    Strict translation process at HACO includes 8 steps:

    Ø Step 1: Analyze the project

    Document is divided into sub-chapter, determined the specialty as well as the level of difficulty of each sub-chapter.

    Ø Step 2: Select project personnel

    This step is especially important. The choice of the right translator, particularly the project manager, expert will determine 80% of the success of a translation project.

    Ø Step 3: Set up wordlist delivered to project translators

    To ensure consistency of specialized words, repeated words and phrases.

    Ø Step 4: Conduct translation

    All translation specialists are connected smoothly via network connection, telephone, online, skype … during the translation process to create consistency in the translation content and to ensure optimal translation quality and complete translation schedule in the shortest time.

    Ø Step 5: Proofreading

    This is an indispensable step which aims to unify the term and quality of translation in the most perfect way.

    It depends on the level of depth and accuracy of the Project Manager or the document editor.

    Ø Step 6: Formatting

    To create the professionalism, the translated documents must have the same format structure as the original documents.

    Ø Step 7: Browse the project

    In order to avoid negligence in the process of formatting documents, the Project Manager and the Experts will finally check both content and format before delivering to customers.

    Ø Step 8: Document privacy

    After handing the translated documents to the customer. The project manager is the person who keeps the document in the server which is protected by password and will be erased in 10 days (if requested by the customer).

    Privacy Policy

    HACO has a good security system, ensuring that customers’ documents are not disclosed. Requirements that collaborators and employees need to comply with:

    1. Do not contact directly / indirectly with organizations / individuals related to translated documents / projects.
    2. Do not disclose any content in the translated document to anyone;
    3. After completion, must transfer all documents (originals and translations) to the company;
    4. Within 7 days after transferring documents to the Company, all data on the computer (or draft) must be deleted / destroyed if no amendment is required.
    5. Translated documents delivered one week overdue by collaborator will be considered invalid.
    6. All information of collaborators is kept confidential, not provided to partners or other services, especially mail advertising companies which would send junk mail.
    7. HACO will not send advertisement to the list of partners after the translation contract ends.
    8. In term of finance, HACO accountant ensures the contract settlement according to the provisions of the enterprise financial system.

    Come to HACO, customers will benefit the optimal language solution, with technical translations:

    1. The content of the translation is 100% technically accurate;
    2. On-Time service;
    3. Absolute confidentiality of translation documents;
    4. Professional service;
    5. Lifetime warranty;
    6. Best prices, flexible payments.



     Please contact us to have a perfect translation:

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    Email: hanoi@dichthuathaco.vn _ vietnamese@dichthuathaco.vn

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