Haco Translation Company has accurately translated thousands of technical document pages in various fields such as construction engineering, bridge and road engineering, industrial engineering, automobile engineering, etc. Our translations are always appreciated by a lot of domestic and foreign customers. We undertake to supply all customers with accurate translations and reasonable prices.


Nowadays, the development of science and technology is very rapid. After Vietnam joined the WTO, the investment and transfer in science and technology has been common in the whole country in the fields such as construction industry, bridge and road engineering, automobile engineering, health, banking, etc. For the development of organizations, individuals and the whole society, a question is how to keep with international development. An answer is that it is necessary to update exact information and apply scientific and technological breakthroughs. We, Haco Translation Company, will help you update scientific and technological information in a professional manner.

Role of technical document translation

In order to install, use or repair an imported device, it is necessary to have detailed and exact description. If a part of the user manual for the device is inaccurately translated, how will the installation, use and repair be?

We are sure that you will be satisfied with our translation service:

Before translating a technical document, our translator will glance through it and prepare a wordlist. With this wordlist, readers can easily proof-read and use the translation. With experienced translators, specialized software and over 100 reference books in various fields, we undertake to supply all customers with accurate translations of technical documents.

In many technical documents, there are images of circuit diagrams or operation procedures. Some translation companies have difficulty in processing such images.

Haco Translation Company can professionally process all images in technical documents. Our translators were trained on image processing, photoshop, cawrel, etc. at National Center for Document Restoration and Repair. Therefore, technical images are processed by them in an aesthetic manner.

Using our service, you can save time, effort and cost and will be supplied with accurate translations.

Haco Translation Company would like to thank you for your belief and co-operation.

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