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Independence-Freedom-HappinessHanoi ,January 07th, 2006


Proposal Application

Address to:      Korean consulte  in Vietnam.

My name:        Do Van Kinh, born in 1971.

Address:         Dong Xuyen, Tien Hai, Thai Binh

I would like to represent my situation as follow;

Recently, I have been suffering from sore eyes, coughing, chest pain. I have undergone the treatment in Central Eye Institute and the military hospital 103. I was diagnosed by doctors and to be exposed to:

– Dry bron Choetasia

– Spondylolysis

– Retrobulbar neuritis of the left eye.  The right eye has been operated

The doctors said that I am undergoing the stable and contemporary treatment  and it is impossible to be totally cured.

On the other hand, I have a  younger sister name Do Thi Cam and her husband Yeonsoo, who are living in Seuol_Korea. They will guarantee all legistimate procedures for my treatment in Korea, where the treatment conditions are much more advanced and are helpful for my recovery.

I sent a hospital record in Vietnam to a big Korean hospital. Doctors of the hospital have accepted my coming for treatment.

I wrote this letter hoping for your consideration and your help.

Thank you very much!
January, 6th, 2007