Independence- Freedom- Happiness



My name is Vu Xuan Binh, born in February 7th, 1973  at 44 – Bach Dang – Hung Dao  – Chi Linh – Hai Duong..
Below is my living – story.
In my childhood, I was supported to go to school. I left the senior high school and served in the army. After that, I returned home and took part in my family’s farming activities. Up to now, I have got marriage; my wife and I still do the farming of growing rice and raising cattles in my village.
Above are my true statements of living-story. I am responsible to the law if there is some information fraudulent.

              The autobiographer
Vu Xuan Binh
People’s Committee of commune certify
that Mr.Vu Xuan Binh autobiography  is true.
Sao Do, January 6th, 2006
On behalf of People’s Committee of commune
(Signed and Sealed)
Tran Huy Duc