The French language is considered as the language of love and romance. When pronounced, it is pleasing to the ear. It is also called the noble language and the language of European diplomatic circles. It is a difficult language with close grammatical structures. It is also an official language of many international organizations such the United Nations, the European Union, the International Olympic Committee, the Community of French-speaking Countries, Universal Postal Union, and many countries.


In the economic integration and development trend, Vietnam is considered as a potential country with more and more needs for purchase and consumption. Realizing this, many foreign countries, organizations and individuals want to invest and cooperate in Vietnam. The Community of French-speaking Countries isn’t an exception. In Vietnam, there are more and more development cooperation projects in the fields of economy, culture and society. Therefore, many economic organizations have needs for French translation. Language difficulties are the main barrier for cooperation. We concern ourselves about how to become a bridge for new development cooperation. The establishment of Haco Translation Company aims to remove language barriers and create new development cooperation. Our slogan is Speed – Accuracy – Efficiency. For this reason, many partners have co-operated with us for mutual development.


The translation of French documents requires accuracy, progress and unity. In such translation, we have competent translators and experienced experts in the fields of health, mechanical engineering, construction, economic contracts, economic statements, bidding documents, legal documents, personal documents, etc. All documents are translated and notarized by us in a professional manner.

As an experienced and reliable supplier, HACO Translation Company can process and manage information efficiently using quality, project and confidentiality management systems. We always do our best to supply the best services to all customers.


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