Haco Translation Company has translated thousands of bidding documents for domestic and foreign organizations. We always offer all bidders good translations, reasonable prices and professional services. They trust us implicitly.

In their production and business activities, many enterprises prepare bidding documents to do business with foreign organizations. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately translate such documents into foreign languages or Vietnamese, which plays an important role in helping bidders have good opportunities to become successful bidders. The choice of a professional, prestigious and experienced translation company is very important to bidders. As a professional translation company, we can meet all requirements for the translation of bidding documents. In order to become a successful bidder, the translation of bidding documents requires absolute accuracy so that employers can understand contents of such documents.


Haco Translation Company has accurately translated a lot of important bidding documents for many bidders in various fields such as Construction Engineering, Bridge and Road Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronics, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Hydroelectric Engineering, Health, Banking, etc. We are proud that we have contributed to success of many domestic and foreign bidders.

There are 08 steps in the translation process at our company. This process is used for the translation of all bidding documents.

As for a list of bidding documents translated by us, please refer to the up-to-date list of customers.

Document confidentiality is very important. It helps you have more competitive advantages than other bidders and become a successful bidder. We undertake to keep all translated bidding documents confidential in accordance with our confidentiality regulations. We will stand side by side with you to achieve success.

Haco Translation Company would like to thank you for your belief and co-operation.


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