Teaching Vietnamese for Foreigner Center HACO is assess as a Teaching Vietnamese for Foreigner High-Qualified Centre which brings knowledge about Vietnamese fast and necessarily for  students who desire to study long-term or short-term course. The course is diverse, adequate and professional to meet the purpose of each student.

Students can study at:

  • Center
  • Private house
  • Office

In addition, the Center also holds an attractive Study-Tour program.

Study time could satisfy student’s conditions.

With an enthusiastic, experienced teaching staff with deep knowledge about language and culture of many countries all over the world, each lesson attracts students, they study Vietnamese, understand Vietnamese culture, as well as feel the close because they could share their language and culture with their teachers and classmates. Each lesson plays an important role of exchange cultures between different people and different countries.

Working hours:

Monday to Saturday: 8 a.m 7:30 p.m