HACO Translation Center, with stable development in translation cum interpretation, has created more and more reputation domestically and globally. Apart from translation project of thousands of pages, HACO Translation Center is also responsible for interpretation in many meetings, conferences in many different languages, including English – making clients satisfied on professionalism and accuracy.

The English language is popular in the world. With globalization, “a flat world” will be created. Therefore, this language is more and more indispensable in the fields of society, economics, politics, science, technology, law, health, etc. After Vietnam joined the WTO, the language has been a tool for doing business, economic integration, etc. and there have been thousands of projects with the use of the English and Vietnamese languages. There are needs for the quick and accurate interpretation for making necessary procedures for doing business with foreign partners.

At present, English interpretation is a hot job. A lot of translation companies and centers have been established; however, it is not easy to be viable. Interpretation requires intelligence, intensiveness and professionalism. As for the English language, only people who are good at linguistics and forget themselves in work can interpret it accurately.

Haco interpretation began its activities in English interpretation in the early 1990s. Text box: The US Secretary of State is speaking at Foreign Trade University. At first, interpretation sessions supplied by us were only tourism interpretation (tour guides), interpretation for foreigners visiting their families, telephone interpretation, etc. And now English interpretation is our mission. There are many kinds of interpretation: simultaneous interpretation, interpretation in commercial negotiation, accompanying interpretation, interpretation for technology transfer, remote interpretation, etc. English interpretation is popular in the social life.

We have supplied hundreds of thousands of interpretation sessions in various forms. We have ever supplied 20 interpreters of English to Giang Vo Exhibition Center. This reflects that we are leading in the field of English interpretation in Vietnam. Coming to us, you will be completely satisfied. Our slogan is Prestige – Quality – Speed – Confidentiality.

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