Optimal language solution – Global connection – Removing all language barriers among nations and continents in the world. Creating a peaceful and developed world.


Becoming a top translation company in Vietnam in terms of prestige, quality, professionalism and specialization. Becoming a professional enterprise in terms of service quality for customers.
In 2013, HACO Translation will be in the top of 50 most powerful companies worldwide, attracting all domestic and foreign customers.




HACO Translation considers “Human value as basis, prestige as direction, and love as capital”. Therefore, responsibility in each translation project is emphasized first. Whether each translation document is little or big, it is considered as our true value. That responsibility is initiation of durable development as well as guideline of success.

Creative – Methodical – Professional

During its development, HACO Translation incessantly creates and innovates. Development and regulation becomes perfect day by day from smallest tasks in professional knowledge to the highest quality translation for customers.


Translation is a highly-intellectual job, so training and recruitment must be emphasized first. Training translators and interpreters and selecting most potential candidates who have good translation skills for each fields, have enthusiasm and responsibility is the decisive factor for success in translation profession.


It is obviously that customers are God. Customers breed enterprises. Therefore, our demands of change, innovation and development orientation aim at improving customers’ value, serving customers every time, everywhere. That customers are satisfied with our service means we complete our goal.