Nowadays, with the tendency of integration and development, Vietnam incessantly opens and exchanges with all nations in the world. Therefore, the demand of making papers for work assignment, tourism, friend visit, business visit…is more and more inevitable.

Consular legalization is the last step so that an immigration document becomes legal. Steps for making a consular legalization document: Notarized translation + Approval of receiving country’s embassy in Vietnam.


HACO TRANSLATION can offer consultancy, instruction and translation service for consular legalization document if you have demand in a very short time.

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Procedures of consular legalization and authentication

Generally, for people having no Vietnamese nationality, or Vietnamese people with foreign passport, when implement administrative procedures in Vietnam such as: marriage registration with Vietnamese citizens, application for recognizing adoptive parents or adopted children, changing driving licenses issued by foreign agencies, application for issuing permanent/temporary residence cards, etc., competent agencies in Vietnam often require you to ask for “Consular legalization” for relevant papers.


HACO Translation offer all-in services:   

Notarized translation

Judicial authentication

Procedures of consular legalization and authentication

Documents for consular legalization and authentication


Papers for legalization proposal or consular authentication (see and download samples for individuals, samples for agencies);

01 copy of ID card of people whose documents need to be authenticated (for individuals).

01 official document of agency that recommend authentication and content of documents those need to be authenticated.


Authenticated documents would be used in which country: ……………………………………..

Purpose of documents (work, relative visit, settlement): …………

Scope:   Nationwide

Transaction type:  Deliver into customers’ hands.

Time for implementation

Legal document: 02 working days are soonest.

Documents need to be authenticated before implement consular legalization and authentication: Department of Foreign Affairs will resolve immediately after receiving responding documents from authenticating agencies.


Please contact the following phone number if necessary:

Consular legalization of seals and signatures of consular representative agencies in foreign countries

Consular legalization of seals and signatures of competent authorities of Vietnam

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