Technical translation is a difficult and complex field. It covers several sectors in the social life, including:

  • Machinery, equipment, and operational procedure catalogs;
  • Technological production lines and technological transfer;
  • Machinery for road and bridge construction, civil construction, and plant construction;
  • Banking, medical, and office equipment; and
  • Techniques in cement, paper, and electricity production plants

The natures of technical translation are accurate to small details, ensuring the absolute precision. HACO Translation is experienced in translation for thousands of technical translation with thousands of pages for specialized projects such as Mong Duong Power Project, Dong Banh Cement Project, Over-pass expressway projects, etc. HACO Translation has always applied it motto of PRESTIGE, QUALITY, SPEED, AND ABSOLUTE CONFIDENTIALITY in translation to bring the customers with professional translation services which are perfect and accurate to every word and expression. Especially, with a strict technical translation process in every step of review, translation, and content control, we have provided the best technical translation products to satisfy our customers in projects having billions of dong of translation fees through eight-step technical translation process applied by HACO Translation’s Department of Project, specifically as follows:

  1. After receiving documents, the technical translation project manager generally analyzes and classifies the documents by level of difficulty such as level 1, 2, or 3, etc.
  2. The coordination section selects translators who are specializing, responsible, enthusiastic, and experienced in technical translation.
  3. The technical translation project manager prepares the detailed wordlist which includes difficult terms, repeated phrases, and transitional words throughout the documents. The wordlist, then, is transferred to the customer’s professional staff to coordinate in processing and negotiating to establish a standard wordlist for the technical translation documents as required and wished by the customer.
  4. The documents are distributed to each section on the principle of the standardized wordlist.
  5. The coordination section synthesizes and conducts initial formatting of the documents.
  6. The technical translation project manager edits the translated documents in accordance with the standardized wordlist to unify the terms and transitional words throughout the documents, creating a synchronous system.
  7. The coordination section conducts final formatting to synchronize with the original version, ensuring the accuracy in terms of paragraphs and figures.

The translation product is transferred to the customer in accordance with requirements on schedule and confidentiality.