• Base on the basic and advanced Vietnamese capacity, the learners summarize all the issues on vocabulary, sentence structure, contextual style, expressions to improve the transmission of Vietnamese language in the best way.
  • Learners summarize and perfect their quantity of words, grammar rules, sample phases of the variants in a comprehensive way, reflecting the characteristics of the Vietnamese language, ensuring proper way and appropriate “habit” of indigenous people.
  • Learners perfect their ability to communicate in their lives and works serving well for study, work, business, travel and investment.
  • Learners will be trained in general and perfected 4 skills: LISTENING, SPEAKING, READING, WRITING – permitting the learners to transfer to the translation and interpreting class to meet the job requirements perfectly.
  • Learners perfect the Vietnamese language in order to integrate into the Vietnamese community environment comprehensively and deeply when going back to their home countries for work.
  • Learners have advanced Vietnamese skills.
  • Foreign students who have advanced Vietnamese are sent to Vietnam to learn deeper skills for work. They learn with the purpose to serve long-term careers;
  • Foreigners who have advanced Vietnamese skills come to Vietnam for business or investment;
  • Foreigners who have advanced Vietnamese skills who wish to study Vietnamese for entrance to universities in Vietnam.
  • Viet-kieu student who have advance Vietnamese skill from oversea come to Vietnam to study, live and work.
  • Student who participated in advanced course at HACO Center of Vietnamese.


    • Lecturer reads to the student for writing and spelling;
    • Lecturer turns on the tapes, discs and videos and then asks the students for rewriting.
    • The lecturer give the question for the student to answer
    • In the class, the students talk to each other, the lecturer speaks to the student and students speak according to the subjects given by the lecturer.
    • Students tell a story.
    • Students sing the song.
    • Students can make the video them self and take the last one that they think is the best in all videos. In this way, the students are very active in training and learning. And especially the students become more confident in speaking.
    • Students actively read newspapers, online news, … read anywhere. Reading is to understand, understand from the content, sentence structure, and always increase their number of words;
    • The students reads and then recites by heart, and reads the passage or article themself;
    • Students must practice writing and write about any topic they are interested in;
    • Students must write letters, sentimental letters, business letters, superior letters, letters to subordinates …
    • Students must write essay, write about their favorite topics.

Summary the knowledge of Vietnamese language, doing exercises in writing, practice, comprehension exercises as well as extended homework, enhancing and completing to develop and improve the skills: LISTENING – SPEAKING – READING – WRITING of the student. The necessary vocabulary and grammar systems and a variety of common topics that help students learn Vietnamese and communicate effectively and deeply. This is the middle step to moves into the translation phase (including: Translation – Interpretation)

  1. CLASS

Depending on the time and needs of student, HACO will arrange and organize classes as follows:

  • From 5 to 10 students
  • From 2 to 4 students
  • Class with 01 student
  • Currently teaching Vietnamese at Hanoi University, Vietnam National University, University of Social Sciences and Humanities.
  • Speak in Hanoi accent standard, do not lisp, do not speak the local dialect.
  • Experience teaching Vietnamese for 10 years or more.
  • Love Vietnamese and have the ability to communicate Vietnamese in the best and richest way possible. Create class time which is attracting students, making students to love Vietnamese as well as culture and people of Vietnam. This helps students love to learn Vietnamese. Motivate students to focus and learn Vietnamese in the shortest possible time
  • Follow the teaching curriculum prepared by the Center to prepare the lesson plans for a good and effective lesson.
  • At this level, the students will always have to pass an entrance test each time they enter the course. In order to determine the Vietnamese level of the student, that permits the teacher to understand and tailored the lesion to meet the level and wishes of student. This helps to save time on learning, focusing on the areas that need to be captured and completed by students.
  • After each month of study there is a test to assess the level of students, based on which to offer the next program.

At the end of the course, there is a test. This test determines the scores and qualifications for the VIETNAMESE CERTIFICATE OF PERFECT VIETNAMESE CERTIFICATE, together with the transcripts, and the teacher’s remarks to the student during the course.

  • Study using Nguyen Viet Huong’s curriculum – Institute of Language Development
  • The document is based on Nguyen Viet Huong’s standard curriculum, along with the development on many different angle and aspects to provide students with a variety of lessons that will help them become more and more fluent in Vietnamese. It also help students to work hard and learn, and becoming the motivation for them to learn Vietnamese in the most effective and fastest way.
  • Time of Study: The Vietnamese language class is designed to suit the individual needs of students, as the work is often dominated by the job. Therefore the time can be:
    • From 03 to 06 months. However, the longer you study, the more you will learn Vietnamese. Skills: LISTENING – SPEAKING – READING – WRITING will improve, for better serving the job, study.
    • If you have time and fully focus on study, you should study one full period of 06 months for the course.
  • Quantity of study hour: 288h, 2h/ session, 3 session/ week.
  • Fees:
    • Class (01 student) : 9,5 USD/ h
    • Class (02 students) : 8,5 USD/ h
    • Class (03 students) : 7,5 USD/ h
    • Class (04 – 05 students) : 6,5 USD/ h
  • Students who register in a group from 03 to 05 students will get a discount of 10% on the total fee.

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