What is Notarized translation? Notarized translation means the documents after being translated are notarized by the district Department of Justice or Notary Public Office to ensure the authenticity of the translated documents.

What types of documents are subject to notarized translation? Documents have sufficient ‘fresh signatures‘ and ‘fresh seals‘. It means the original documents which are signed and sealed by the competent authorities. Notarized translation documents are mostly documents for oversea studying, traveling, foreign official trips, etc., including certificates, birth certificate, household registration book, identity card, passport, academic transcript, letter of confirmation, or marriage certificates; and those for foreign investment and cooperation, including business licenses, investment cooperation papers, joint venture agreements, and contract of all kind which are signed and sealed by the public authorities or enterprises.

Today, notarized translation is an integral part of social life in the process of world integration. Every organization or individual who travels abroad for work and training or for other purposes of oversea study, travelling, or migration; engaging in business with domestic or foreign organizations such as investment laws, project bidding, and relevant documents, must have full legal documents for enterprise and identification papers for individuals.

Depending on the countries of arrival, documents are translated into English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, Russian, German, and many other languages. This applies to both foreign organizations and individuals entering into Vietnam. Therefore, notarized translation plays an important role in today’s social life.

The nature of notarized translation is that the contents of the translated documents must be signed by the translator after the translation is completed (the signature of the translator has been registered at the Department of Justice) to commit that the translated contents are accurate and in line with the original texts attached. Specially, the most important point is that the translated documents must be signed and sealed by the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, accompanied by document number and date of notarization.

Notarized translation documents have a number of common characteristics. They are legal document signed and sealed by a State representative body. The contents of the documents are not long and in prescribed forms. Notarized translation, however, is not as simple and easy as many people think. In contrast, as it has highly legal nature, notarized translation requires standard terms of expression. Especially, all the data in the documents must be absolutely accurate. For example, wrong date of birth only inserted in the text may result in tens of millions of Vietnam dong of compensation followed by several expenses incurred as it accidentally causes the customer miss his or her flight.

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