HACO Center of Vietnamese Training would like to send the deeply thanks to the foreign agent, organization and students who have trusted and cooperated with HACO during the past time. To show our sincere thanks, HACO Center of Vietnamese Training will not cease to improve the capacity of the Center in general and the capacity, knowledge and qualities of the lecturers in particular to ensure the best teaching quality, meeting the requirements and desires of the students as well as the demand of agencies and organizations.

HACO Center of Vietnamese Training would like to introduce some images of the class at the center as follows:

The opening ceremony of the advanced course in Vietnamese

for 02 Lao officials and 02 Cambodian officials – Ministry of Public Security

Spoken by Representative of 4 students

Spoken by the Representative of HACO center

Class of 02 Laos officials and 02 Cambodia officials

Vietnamese Class of 03 Laos’ students – Laos Ministry of Public Security

Vietnamese class of 04 RMIT officials

Vietnamese class of 02 RMIT officials


Vietnamese Class of Korea student at Dong Van – Ha Nam Industrial zone

Vietnamese class for one Germany and one French student