When looking for the translation service for oneself and for the company, people usually have the tendency of checking the price, calling the translation company and trying to choose the company with the best price for using the service. I did the same when would like to translate the document from Vietnamese to Finnish.

As this is one of the rare languages, therefore I met difficulty in looking for a translation company of this document. After some times searching on the internet, I finally found a cheap translation company for this document. The translated document then was sent to abroad, the result received from the client with a new translated document, as they translated by a company there with the content almost totally different with the document that I received from the service from the translation company in Vietnam.

You can imagine my disappointment. Maybe my translation has been put into the machine translation, it is quick and cheap. In this case, luckily that the partner company has assisted in translating the documents into Finnish, and my contract is still signed. But in other cases, imagine, if you choose a translation company based only on price, what will happen?

So how to choose a good translation company at a reasonable price?

This is probably the question of many people when they need to translate documents into foreign languages or from foreign languages into Vietnamese. In my opinion, you should consider the following factors: First is the experience of the translation company. A company with long history in the industry, in order to survive, naturally they must have good quality service, which it is indispensable for the quality of document translation. Second, they must also be reasonably priced compared to other companies in the industry. If prices are too high, it will be difficult to get customers, prices are too cheap, and it will be difficult to survive because of the cost of management and cost for quality translation. Third, the speed of document translation is also an important factor affecting the service quality of a translation company.

Therefore, to get good translation quality you need to consider all the above factors.

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